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c&w went to the isle of capri

by boat

capri is not pronounced like the car but like the word car then pri.

we went by boat and the views were nice along the coast of cliffs. The town was steep and there were lots of stairs to get to the shops. the shops were rather ritsy with rolex and gucci and the handbag one. the cliffs made some good views and we didn't see any celebrities. we didn't do much else than walk around and have gelato and have a bit of a looksee.

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The Amalfi Coast


We arrived at the breathtaking Positano after an hour long steep, narrow and extremely hilly ride from Sorrento (about an hour south of Naples).

Our villa was really beautiful and traditionally Italian with iron gates and door, shutters on the windows and an expresso machine! And of course amazing views. Here is the view from our outside loo. (we also have an inside one but the outside one came in handy with living here with three boys and all!)


More photos will come later but at the moment I have used up my monthly quota.

Positano is quite wealthy and a place where alot of Italians with $ spend their summer holidays. Pople here are well0dressed, shops are expenive and flash Italian cars wind around the narrow and high clifftops with confidence. Our first bus ride from Sorrento to Positano was a nerve wrecking and nail biting experience. And not just for us. We heard heaps of people gasping whenever we came around a tiny tight bend and the front of the bus would peak out over the cliff. Scary!

Our view from the villa is of the houses and resorts on the oppisite hill, the duomo, beach and the meditteranian sea. tere is also a huge orange tree slightly blocking the view but the oranges are yum and we have even been making freshly squeezed orange juice.

On our second day the boys had the brilliant idea of going on a hike. The one we wanted to do was called "the path of the gods" (Sentiero degli dei) and was supposed to take around 5 hours. Well 7 hours later we were still walking. We were nearly prepared. Chris had taken a photo of the map. It was just time consuming having to zoom in when we needed to read it and work out where we were!! Yhe hike was very very steep and really scary at times. For about an hour we followed a herd of goats until they overtook us. the views were incredible though and we felt very proud of ourselves when we finally finished! There were a few times when we thought about turning around though especially when we realised we had walked "off" the map!
It all worked out in the end. We ended up in a little town called Aregola and there by the tourist info centre was a board with information about the path of the gods hike from Aregola to positano. Yay! We did it - just backwards.

Made our way to amalfi (definitely the scariest bus ride - ange even hd to change sides of the bus) and rewarded ourselves with a hearty Italian - eve tough we were nealy too tired to eat.

Next day Chris and I decided to have another look in Amalfi while the others stayed back in Positano to re-energize.
amalfi is the lagest town on the Amalfi coast but apparently used to much larger. In 1343 most of the poulation and land slid ino the sea during an earthquake! After looking around and buying some lemon soap we caught a open top tour bus to the hilltop village Ravello. Ravello is much greener compared to the other villages and towns of the Amalfi Coast with lots of geen trraced citrus groves that line the hill. There are a vouple of gardens that you can pay to visit. we went to Villa Cimbrone which had panaromic views of the amalfi coast. One viewpoint called "the terrace to infinity" because it extends from the cliff and has views right along the coastline.

On Wednesday It was Si's last day so we travelled half way to Naples with him and then all went to Pomeii. Pompeii was buried under a pile of ash when Mt Vesuvis errupted in Ad 79 and wan't even discovered until 1594 but still not explored properly until 1748.

The most interesting things we saw were the takeaway shops where people would come and choose their dishes, brothels (where pictures of positons are still preserved!) and the advanced engineering of their water system (piping still remains).

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4 nights in tuscany

After a 4 hour train from Rome to Florence (took the cheapest and slowest) we arrived at our apartment and met Luigi the owner. The place was amazing!!! Only 2 mins from the Duomo all very central. We didnt know at the time but it (the Duomo and bell tower) would also be our alarm clock at 7.45 and them 8am every morning! Oh well. no sleeping in means more time for sight seeing.


On our second day we climbed our alarm clock (the bell tower) to check out the views over Florence. We also visited a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition that had interactive models of his designs and inventions. Wandered through the San lorenzo markets full of leather bags/wallets/shoes etc


Next day we completely forgot it was a national holiday and had planned on visiting Lucca (whle ange and duane headed to Pisa) but there were no buses so we decided to catch the train to Siena instead. Chris had actually planned on proposing today (he told me later) and had ironed a shirt and everything while I was in the shower but of course couldnt go ahead with it since our plans had been interrupted. (Damn those national holidays - lazy Italians!) Siena was very cool. Probably my favourite place so far. It was built during the medieval period so the buildings are darker and gothic-like but it all has a majestic feel to it. Chruches are more castle like and the main Piaza is scallaped shaped and hold a horse racing festival - Il Palio - twice a year.


We made it to Lucca the next day - a walled city -the old walls are still standing today and used to protect the city as well as the moat that surrounded it. Lots of narrow winding streets. smaller and less crowded than Siena but definitely not as beautiful.

This is the old ampitheatre. People built houses over and around it but you can still see the circular shape. It is called Piazza Anfiteatro.

View of florence after a long trek up the hill.

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romance in firenze!

our engagement

Was always excited about visiting florence again, there was definitely something special about it last time and now it is even more memorable because it is where we got engaged!

Chris asked me to marry him on the Ponte vecchio bridge in florence *the only enclosed bridge on the river Arno* on 2nd may. Of course I said YES and here are the pics to prove it.

view from ponte Vecchio

We went back to the apartment, told ange and duane and went out for champagne!
Very happy...now for the ring shopping!

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Buongiono Roma!

Next stop...Rome

On friday we travelled to rome. Been before but hoping to see more than just the view from our contiki window as it was like last time! After dumping our bags at Kennedy hotel we ventured out hoping to get to the anzac ceremony at Roma Cemetary. After walking for two hours we realised we had got the time completetly wrong and it would have finished about 2 hours ealier. Never mind good to stretch the old legs after a 13 hour flight! We did wear our poppies for the day though!

After a nap went for a wander and visited the trevi fountain where if you throw a coin over your right shoulder into the fountain you will be destined to visit Rome again. Thought twice in rome was enough so we gave it a miss athough it did work the first time obviously as we went back!


Next day we went on the hop on hop off bus for a tour of rome with audio guide / helpful to know what you are actully seeing. went past all the sites, Colleseum, vatican, pantheon, roman forum etc.

we met up with duane and ange later on that day and tried the best of Chianti wine (the 2 euro stuff definitely better than the 1 euro bottle we bought!} and had some traditional Italian food ~ pasta of course. Yum

during our next couple of days we visited the colleseumP1010102.jpg

Lined up for the Vatican museum for hours and hours

climbed up the 400 odd stairs of St Peters dome

viewed the basilica at night *our hostel was 2 mins away which was greatP1010013.jpg

walked up the spanish steps and admired all of the talented artists at workP1010004.jpg

Had a great time in Rome, lots of history and lots of churches. Ready for something new so we headed off to florence on tuesday for narrow streets, markets and more tuscan wine!

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