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Karaoke in Nha Trang

Chris goes hard

sunny 30 °C


Our next stop on the open bus tour was a place called Nha Trang (where they held Miss Universe last month). So it was all flashed up especially the road from the airport into the main town. It was far too 'resorty' for us and we were feeling quite disappointed with the place and the very expensive drinks along the beach (we can't help but compare everything to 50 cent Sihanoukville drinks!) so left after a quick walk and look around to head back to our guesthouse.

On the way we were stopped by a man and his friends drinking beer hoi (cheap beer from a keg on a road side stall). At first we though he was one of the hundred or so cyclo or moto drivers wanting to take us a very short way for a ridiculously large price but he was actually a nice genuine guy wanting a chat.


So we sat down for (just one) beer and three hours later joined them for a round of karaoke.

Unfortunately all the songs except for a couple of exceptions (we wish you a merry Christmas being one- which we sung) were in Vietnamese. I swear Chris must have been Vietnamese in a past life cos he rocked! I think he sings better in Vietnamese than in English!


This was our (only) highlight of Nha Trang. We left the next evening on the sleep bus.

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Mui Ne

More beaches

rain 30 °C

We bought an open bus ticket in saigon which will take us from Saigon - Mui Ne - Da lat - Nah Trang - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi whenevr we like for only $38. So we left Saigon and arrived at Mui Ne beach expecting something similar to what we experienced in Sihanoukville. There was not a tout or hawker to be found on the beach at all! Couldn't beleive it! We stayed in a nice beach bungalow for two nights and enjoyed swimming and reading mostly.

We also visited the red and sand dunes, a fantastic fishing market and the fairy spring which is a stream that flows through a patch of dunes with pretty nice rock formations.

Chris decided to get artistic with the camera :)


...and here's the national geographic shot that I took...


The fishing market was huge and extremely busy. Cjhris even got grunted and yelled at a couple of times for being in the way. the ladies carry very full and heavy loads of fish from the boats and up the bank so you can understand why!


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Mekong Delta

Living off the land

rain 30 °C


We spent 2 nights and 3 days traveling around the Mekong Delta visitng the towns of My thom, Can Thom and Chau Doc. We were able to watch people living off the land - loads and loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh seafood and of course rice. We saw floating markets and floating villages and even stayed with a local family on a homestay for our first night. They were a huge extended family of grandparents, aunts and Uncles and young children. When we arrived they had a huge meal prepared for us, fish, rice paper and noodles and vegetables to fill it with, rice, spring rolls and fresh fruit. We were so full but the Grandmother kept coming back to us and turning over the fish or pointing out bits we had missed! We played games with the girls and they practised their English and laughed at my terrible vietnamese pronunciation! The next morning the Uncle took us in his boat the meet up with the rest of our tour group.

These are three of the girls living at the home we stayed at for a night on the Mekong Delta.

On our trip we tried heaps of local fruit, learnt how to make coconut candy (which is sooooooooooooo good!), and learnt how to make rice paper.



We haven't really felt the rainy season until we arrived in Vietnam. Here is rains and rains then rains some more!

We also had plenty of what was going to be our most eaten meal in vietnam - pho - noodle soup!


Gotta love those cone hats!

On the way back to Saigon we visited cham village which are a group of Muslim people. Here we watched them weave silk scarves and Chris bought a monkey made from a coconut shell that he took a fancy too.

Three girls from Cham village waiting to sell us coconut buns!

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The city of 5 million motorbikes!

rain 24 °C

We spent 4 days in Saigon and by the end of it I was 20 % confident that I could cross the road without being flattened by a moto - a huge improvement from my intitial reaction which was to grab chris' arm and scream the whole way across.


We spent our time looking around, visiting museums and avoiding motos.



For a day trip we went to the 250km long Cu Chi tunnels where the Viet Cong lived, hid and fought. The network of tunnels includes living areas, kitchens, weapons factories and command centres!

Chris was brave to go right through but I took one look in, breathed the dusty air and that was enough for me.

Chris had a go at firing a ??? Forgotten and Chris is getting his hair cut so can't ask!

We were shown various trap doors that they used.

The trip was interesting....loads of tourists and all from a communist perspective.

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Phnom Penh

Learning about Cambodia's horrific past

We have been learning a lot about Pol Pot and the Khymer Rouge since we arrived in Cambodia. We bought two biographies while in Siem Reap, visited the genocide museum (which was actually an old school transferred into a prison/torture unit from that time), visited the killing fields where thousands of innocent people were murdered and we have also met and talked with people who have their own stories during the Khymer rouge. We went on a tour with two men in Battambang. One man (who is the sole survivor from his family) showed us where his sister - who was pregnant - at the time was pushed from a cave opening to her death (along with many others). He told us many other horrific stories and Chris and I were left speechless. What can you say? It's very depressing to write about but as Chris said as he took photos of the thousands of sculls dug from the killing fields and placed in a memorial Chedi people need to know about this.

On a lighter note, in Phnom Penh we also enjoyed the markets, cyclo rides, eating at riverside cafes and applying for jobs (yes it has begun!)

We also took the plunge and booked our tickets to Dubai! (Breathe Wendy breathe...) We arrive on the 25 Aug :)

There you go - you might also get a glimpse of my ring in the picture too!


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